Zero Waste Resources in Jerusalem



Green Map : Find all recycling centers in Jerusalem neighborhoods, besides glass. (Plastic, Paper, Clothes, Batteries, Tin Cans, and Electronics.)

Glass Recycling in Jerusalem: Blog post on Glass Recycling centers from Modest Jerusalem.


Where to get a subsidised Compost Transport Bin for 20nis.

For additional questions on composting in Jerusalem: Ma’Pach Yarok can answer all your questions and needs.

Second-Hand, Vintage and Consignment Stores

Second-Hand Clothing Stores in Jerusalem:  Blog post from Modest Jerusalem.

Specific Zero Waste Products

Bamboo Toothbrushes: Humble Brushes have been found at Anise, Nitzat HaDuvdevan, Zmora Organi, and Teva Castel stores in Jerusalem

Bamboo Straws: Power Coffeeworks on Agrepas 111

Reusable Diapers, Biodegradable Diapers and Wipes , Menstrual Cups:  You can call Lee directly at 054-2311990 to order specific items for pick up in Jerusalem on Azza Street with no shipping cost.

Menstrual cups and Reusable Pads:  Order from or contact Smadar Regev Agmon.

Natural & Health Food Stores

Anise (Multiple Locations)

Nitzat HaDuvdevan (Multiple Locations)

Zmora Organi (Multiple Locations)

Teva Castel (First Station)


OR Yoga & Massage Therapy: Yoga and meditation classes and holistic, therapeutic massages using natural, organic ingredients.

Zero Waste Online Stores Based in Israel

Re Feel:



Stores in Jerusalem that will Refill Containers

  • “ראב אל-חנות” on the corner of Agrepas and Ha’Armonim are happy to fill jars (spices, dry goods)

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