Our First Meeting, July 25th 2018


Zero Waste Israel’s first meeting was held on July 25th at OR Yoga & Massage Therapy.

After brief introductions and discussion about both our challenges in living a zero waste lifestyle and some of our greatest successes, there was a deep sense of commitment and solidarity within the group, with a focus on practical steps that we will take both as individuals and as a community. While certain commitments have been made (and are greatly appreciated) there are still many opportunities to get involved, support, and give to our new and exciting movement.

We have divided up specific tasks related to the following issues. Please connect to our Facebook group to know who is currently heading up each area.

1) Synagogues/Communal Settings
2) Collective Buying/Community Support
3) Knowledge, Awareness of Processes, Education, School Programs
4) Shopping/Purchasing Point, Food Recovery
5) Shared Living Spaces
6) Industrial/Political Level, Motivation to Change and Religious Ideals
7) Fines, Phasing Out (Plastic Bottles, Bags)
8) Zero Waste Items, 2nd Hand Stores
9) Events, Meals, Workshops
10) Fundraising

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend. We hope you will get involved at your own pace and to see you at our next meeting.

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