Purim Costume Gemach in Jerusalem

Netanya Carmi (pictured above) initially didn’t want to get rid of her own kids’ costumes.

Slowly friends and neighbors understood that she had a growing collection and started asking her if they wanted their old costumes.

Eventually by the next Purim, people knew she had costumes and wanted to borrow them. And it spiraled from there!

It has been already four years and Netanya’s Gemach has over 500 costumes for all ages.

How does it work?

First join the Facebook Group, Purim Costume Gemach Jerusalem : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1430051320379852/

She takes a 20nis deposit per costume.

When the costume is returned on time she returns 15nis and 5nis goes towards the Gemach.

If a costume is not returned on time the deposit is not returned.

The return date this year is Friday, April 5th, two weeks after Purim.

This year the Gemach is located in Talpiyot at the Beit Boyer Shul by appointment only.

For those who like to plan their costumes well in advance, they are welcome to comment on a photo to reserve a costume at any time of the year.

And, of course, you can donate costumes to the Gemach all year long, so be in touch with Netanya in the group.

This is an amazing Zero Waste initiative Netanya! Looking forward to being a part of this Gemach!


Zero Waste Jerusalem is a local movement for those seeking to lead a more conscious lifestyle, develop sensible consumption habits, reduce waste, and support each other’s individual journeys.

Join the community through our Facebook Group to engage in current discussions, initiatives and find out about upcoming events.

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